The Melinda Grey Ardia Environmental Foundation Seeks Applications for Environmental Studies Grants

I came across this interesting advertisement and organisations including schools, nonprofit organisations and even governmental agencies are encouraged to look into this and apply for funding.
The Melinda Grey Ardia Environmental Foundation (MGAEF) was founded in 1996. Melinda Grey Ardia was a biologist, environmental activist and a middle school science teacher in Newark, New Jersey who died in an automobile accident that year. Melinda's dedication, creativity and enthusiasm inspired her family and colleagues to create the Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Foundation to continue her work.The foundation’s mission is to integrate field activities and classroom teaching, incorporating basic ecological principles and problem solving approaches.
To that end, the foundation’s grant program is designed to empower and encourage students to become involved in solving environmental and social problems, promote thoughtful and appropriate analysis and understanding of the natural world, and make informed decisions through the emphasis and application of basic ecological principles.
Grants of up to $1.500 will be awarded to support environmental curricula that show a holistic approach, strive to synthesize multiple levels of learning (facts, concepts, principles); include experiential integrated learning and problem solving; and that are founded on basic scientific principles, including hypothesis testing and experimental design. In addition, curricula must incorporate basic ecological principles and field environmental activities within a primary or secondary school setting and present controversial issues objectively, stressing the development of individual student opinions.
Any organisation is eligible to apply, including schools, nonprofits and governmental agencies. There are no geographical limitations.
Proposals must be received no later than 14 September 2014. Upon review, selected applicants will be invited to submit full proposals that will be due on the 28th of September 2014.
Visit the MGAEF website ( for complete program guidelines, information about past grant recipients, and application instructions.