iconDLIST BCLME was created to help provide access to information for all stakeholders who have an interest in the welfare of the BCLME, its coastal areas and local communities. It hopes to do this in the first place by helping people connect with each other.

Welcome to DLIST BCLME

Stakeholder Participation course in Portuguese.

Are you interested in learning more about how to engage stakeholders and to conduct an effective stakeholder participation process?
Do you want to learn how to play a more active role in processes that govern your future?

The popular Stakeholder Participation for a Better Future course is now available online in Portuguese. The next course will run from November 11, 2013. Read more here.

Current voices: Bontekoe mining disaster

Introduction to DLIST

The Distance Information Sharing Tool (DLIST) BCLME registered users form an online community from all sectors of society that shares the common aim of promoting sound management of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem. Join this growing community to share information and make your voice heard through discussion forums that provide input into the strategic action and implementation process for the region flanked by the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem. The web-based platform is also a mechanism to capture, discuss, review and make information available to appropriate audiences and stakeholders - only through collective participation by all parties can we ensure sustainable resource use and equitable development for the benefit of the people of the region and humankind.

The Benguela region is a region with irreplaceable biodiversity...

...it is also a place where millions of people depend on the rich but dwindling marine and coastal resources for their livelihoods. Sound management of these resources requires efforts by everyone. The DLIST BCLME approach aims to make information available to its online users as well as to remote communities that can only be reached by other means of communication. Everyone’s voice is important and no one is excluded. The DLIST web-based platform offers basic distance learning courses and a variety of mechanisms for information sharing.